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AIWB stands for "Appendix In the Waistband". This form of carry is primarily meant to be carried on the front of your body. The idea behind appendix carry is that it offers the quickest access to your weapon while providing maximum conceal-ability. Even though the primary purpose for this holster is meant for appendix carry, it can conceal comfortably anywhere on the users body. As an alternative to our Lo Pro holster our AIWB has an ambidextrous design which can be carried wither right or left handed as well as being able to tuck your clothing over it. Just like our Lo Pro holster, this holster is built minimal enough to carry concealed for extended periods of time while still being comfortable. The durable Kydex makes it easy for the user to re-holster their weapon instead of folding in like other leather or nylon IWB holsters.


-Ambidextrous design

-Tuck-able Feature

-Made from .080 Kydex

-Fully adjustable retention

-Injection molded clips for easy On/Off

-100% Handmade in the USA

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